About Me and I Help, You Pay Dot Com

I created a website long ago that had a different name, so I could always be of service to my students, past and present, with my language materials and availability of personal access.

Later, I also tried to earn income by providing other services like translations, eBike conversions, handy man projects, etc. and advertising it in a website of my own. So I made I-help-u-pay-dot-com and uploaded the PF Vitamins into its own separate blog there.

Although I wouldn’t reject donations to offset the cost of running the site, while I have never received any, everyone is welcome to access my site and use the material therein free of charge.

Highest regards,


2 Responses to About Me and I Help, You Pay Dot Com

  1. Tim Landrum says:

    Hey Baha. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help. It was 2 years without a class, and my scores still found a way to go up. 2/2+. Take care.


  2. Jim says:

    Nice website, I used to be a Korean linguist before switching to the dark side. I’m self taught Persian to 1+/1+ according to the low level test, so I might be a 2, gonna find out in a month when I find out if it all paid off. Anyway the reason I right is I have a suggestion. It’s great that you have all these clips and questions, but it would really be helpful, at least to me, if there was a small glossary section for the clips with some of the more difficult words. Thanks for providing this service!


    Jim, thank you very much for your interest in my training materials and for your input.

    I am working on improving the whole package, but very slowly!

    Meanwhile, if you have a particular question, I’d be more than happy to help.



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