Welcome to my PF Vitamins portal.

From here, you can access a collection of more than a hundred Persian Farsi listening and reading comprehension training modules that  I have authored and provided for your convenience, if you are in need and search of Persian Farsi training materials to help you maintain or increase your proficiency, or serve as a skill refresher.

There are various ways to benefit from using my PF Vitamins. You can use them however you like. However, my recommended method of utilization for maximum benefit is as follows:

  1. Go to the Listening Index, select a cut and just listen to it 2 or 3 times, then transcribe it.
  2. Locate the transcript to the file by going to the Reading Index and selecting the same file number.
  3. Fix your transcription and highlight your errors. The words you wrote wrongly, are probably those you don’t know. Research them.
  4. Answer the comprehension questions in English and complete the vocabulary exercise.
  5. Contact me if you have any question or problem you can not figure out on your own.

Good Luck,


Click for the Reading Index

Click for the Listening Index

Note: The Audio Cuts Work Best With the Internet Explorer

You can copy and paste your work into any comment box in this site for me to check out and give you feedback, if you want. You don’t have to give me a real name, but make sure you leave me a legit email if you want feedback. I will not publish to the public answers to the exercises.

7 Responses to PF VITAMINS

  1. Hugo Guevara says:

    This is great stuff, you probably don’t remember me but I took a couple of classes with you. I’m at DLI now and need to use your work here to come up to standards. Take care and thanks.

  2. arsalan says:

    Recently i was made aware of a job opportunity involving Persian/Farsi language. It has been almost a year since i have studied any Farsi. At first i was nervous but your website has helped quite a bit, it feels like the language is coming back fairly quick. However, in the past for me at least the fastest way for me to pick up the language was to speak and hear it. I was just curious if you knew of any kind of resources that would allow me to practice my mainly my speaking.

  3. Mario says:

    I tried the reading test. 22/30. Very good test. It kept timing out. Was there a time limit for each session? If you can provide me some feedback on my test, I would appreciate it.

  4. Mitra Ara says:

    Where do I register?

    • Baha says:

      Basically, all you gotta do is email me a login name and any additional info you want, and I’ll take it from there…


  5. Homa says:


    It’s so good to hear the website is still alive and well. I am starting to use this stuff again and as always, it’s freaking awesome. I hope you’ve been well and staying hip! :)


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