It’s been a while…

Yes it has…
I’ve been busy folks. Busy with my career and other stuff!
There haven’t been any new productions, ’cause I just haven’t had the time.
But I do monitor the site now and then and I see that people have been using the material that is already available.
And that’s good…
However, a great linguist just gave heads up on a cool site and this is what Sarah wrote:

Hello Hello everyone. I wanted to tell you about a site. It is . It is a site that I really like.

You must make a log on for yourself. Just to go the site and where the logon box is located there is a register icon.

There are 2 neat things that you can do on the site.

The first is create flash cards. When you post these cards, you can assess them from any computer that you are on (unlike RapitRote, where they are only on the computer that you put them on.) When you add a list, anyone can view them. You can create any list that you like or work off the lists of others. Any time that a list is created by anyone, it posts it in your folder as well is in the mass Farsi one. To view lists that others have made just click on “Flash Cards” in the blue bar at the top of the screen. You’ll find one that says PFV 78….Familiar to anyone ;) . You can play around with how the flash cards are shown to you i.e. Farsi-English/English-Farsi.

The other really neat function is also located in the blue bar and that is “web reader” When you click on this it allows you to put in a website. Any one you want, like BBC Persian. When the site opens, you’ll see a word camp box pop-up at the top of your screen. As you scroll down the box will always remain at the top of the screen that you’re viewing so you can see it. As you are, reading and you come to a word that you do not know just move your mouse over that word. Word champ will search its d-base and see if it has a saved definition of the word. If it does not, then it will prompt you to add a user translation. If you know it, or look it up in say and add it. When you view a meaning, it will tell you if it is a translation that someone else has added. (Keep in mind that words can have VERY different meanings in context, so when you look a word up the meaning that you see might be a true meaning of the word, just not the one that you’re looking for). Once you see the meaning and you think that is a word that you would like to study as a flash card in word champ just click on it. You’ll see it pop up in the dialog box on the right side of the word champ box. If you want to pick a specific, English translation then click on the English word and not the Farsi part. When are done just click save and name your new list. The list will be added to your Vocab folder on your homepage. To get back to your homepage from the web reader function there is a home button the left side, just click that.

If you want to print off the words from a list of flash cards, just open the list. Look on the left side of the screen; I believe it is towards the top. There is a “print” button, click that and it will put the words into a nice print-friendly format.

Just wanted to pass along another tool. Thanks


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