An Interview With a Persian Polygamist

This video is supposedly of an interview that was recently conducted on live TV with an Iranian man who allegedly has three wives.

The language spoken therein oscillates between colloquial to formal. The interviewer is a very fast talker and at times chews up her spoken words.

There are cultural references made, opinions rendered, and innuendos communicated.

I would rate this piece 3/3+ based on the ILR rating scheme.

Watch it and then answer the questions and fill in the blanks that follow.

Each item has a time stamp so you can easily locate it on the video any time you want.

You are welcome to a copy this video’s transcript. Just shoot me an email.

You can also copy and paste your work in the comment box belowand sent it for me to look at and give feedback. Let me know if you don’t want your comment published and rather to have your feedback through email.

The video is almost 14 megabytes and you can download it by right-clicking here and saving it.

I hope you like this training. Good Luck.

Fill in the blanks:

00:05 – Did each one of your wives ——– ?
00:09 – yes. Despite the fact that they ——- There was also——-.

Answer these questions:

00:17 – What does the man say about his fist wife here?
00:26-00:38 – What does the man say about his second wife in this timeline?
00:47 – How relevant were the issues with his second wife to the man’s decision to marry for the third time?
00:57 – What does the interviewer ask here?

Fill in the blanks:

01:21 – But I believe that in life, especially in —– life, —– is the best —–.
01:36 – I always ——- the ——-.
01:37 – Do you mean you are also ———?
01:40 – As long as ———–, yes.
01:46 – well, —— has a ——.

Answer these questions:

01:48 – What does the interviewer ask here?
01:53 – What is the man’s answer?
- If he has married three times, it has been because?
02:31 – What does the interviewer ask here?
02:41 – What does the interviewer ask here?
02:50 – What does the interviewer ask here?

Fill in the blanks:

03:00 – Yes because incidentally, I ————.
03:07 – Well, you know, it’s all ——. It’s all ——.
03:19 – A person shouldn’t —–.
03:33 – May I ask you ——?
03:49 – There are some women that—— are —–. I can call them ——-s.
04:03 – Wasn’t —————–for you?
04:12 – My third marriage happened due to————.

Answer these questions:

04:25 – What alternative does the interviewer refer to, in her question?
04:35 – What does the interviewer ask here?
04:40-05:03 What happened before the man came for the interview that day, as described in the time line?
05:04 What does the man attribute his first wife’s certain attitude to?
05:23 Transcribe the interviewer’s closing statement either exactly as she says, or as she means to say (she chews up a few words!) : ————————————————


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