A Social Situation

The video below shows a segment of a recording from a talk and commentary show. The host interrupts the guest to interject a few words.

1- Implicitly, what is the host trying to say to the police official in T00:03 to T00:06?
2- Provide the details of the geographical location described in T00:08 to T00:18.
3- Provide the make of the car and the time of the day mentioned in T00:18 to T00:24.
4- What does the host apologize for atT00:24?
5- How did the cab driver describe the lady? What point do you think he was trying to make by giving that description?
6- What did the cab driver do in reaction to what he saw? What was going through his mind at the time?
7- What inference can be drawn relating to the people’s sentiments towards police behavior as instanced in T00:47 to T00:58?


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