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Baha’s Assignment #12272006-1

This one is a gem y’all!… It was emailed to me. I enjoyed reading it very much and I laughed my ass off for some of it. What you, the Perling, should you accept to take on this assignment are … Continue reading

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Baha’s Assignment #12172006-1

My online assignment proved to be an exceptionally phenomenal hit with the readership, particularly with my colleagues!!… So much so that qwar was the only replier to that assignment! But that’s ok, I am going to publish assignments any way … Continue reading

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Baha’s Assignment #12142006-1

Here I intend to start a trend that I hope will be of interest to my dear fellow Perlings. Our esteemed colleagues of other languages may follow this trend for their audience or come up with something totally different! All … Continue reading

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