I Help, U Pay!


What is this?


I created IHelpUPay.com, intending to provide practical and affordable solutions to help potential clients with whatever lawful task that I could help with.


Focus is on helping first, and then due payment.


Who am I?


I am Farrokh Mirbaha (A.K.A. Baha), an academic and a retired U.S. Army soldier.


What do I want?


I want to continue serving Americans, and be better enabled thereby to support myself and family, benefitting from the technical, social, and cultural knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my years of professional life and military service.



So far, I have principally made my living by working in the engineering, mechanical, and linguistics fields. Though, I can, nevertheless, help others with many tasks of academic, social, technical, or physical labor intensive nature.


A suggested categorization of general services which I can help with includes:


              I.      Academic and Linguistic Services (Tutoring Transcription, Translation, Gisting, Editing, etc.)
Check out my Language Training Blog and my Language Test Site


            II.      Software, Hardware, Apps, and various Computer and Information Technology Services (I can build you a computer, repair one, clean it from viruses, help you with website development, etc.)

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          III.      Residential and Utility Related Repair and Maintenance Services (I can fix what needs fixing around the house, etc.)


         IV.      Transportation and errand Solutions (you need a ride somewhere? need something picked up at the grocery store? have a package need delivering?)


For more information, contact me.


Call or text: (706) 831 - 3721


Or drop me a line at: Baha@ihelpupay.com


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